James Borrell is a biodiversity scientist and science communicator researching how people and nature can adapt to environmental change.

5 Lessons Learned From Blogging

1. It takes time both to blog regularly, and to see any benefits from that time invested. But it’s worth it.

2. Focus on what your message is and keep it simple. You should be able to boil it down to just a sentence or two. If it’s more complicated than this, then it’ll be difficult to get across.

3. If in doubt, play things down rather than exaggerate. Saying that you’re going to do something on your blog, is a good way to make yourself do it (just make sure you do it). There are few better ways of gaining the respect of your peers than being reliable.

4. Blogging is a good way to open yourself up to criticism, and to learn to take it.

5. Blogging is a very poor substitute for doing. Better to do a lot and write a little, than do little and write a lot.

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