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James Borrell Filming Madagascar

Escape the Zoo: Conservation and Optimism


A few weeks ago it was my pleasure to talk all things conservation and optimism with Dan Clarke who runs a great long form podcast series called ‘Escape the Zoo’. Despite having done a few podcasts recently, I don’t know much about actually presenting and processing a podcast – so I was immediately impressed by the big shiny microphone hanging infront of Dan when we connected in skype. He clearly means business!

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Five of the Strongest Arguments Against Zoos


A while ago I wrote an article about some of the good things zoos do for conservation. Now I hadn’t realized how vehemently some people hated zoos (and sadly, how afraid many great zoos are about sticking up for their work). Suddenly, it became one of my most read articles.

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A Little List of Conservation Podcasts (to get you started)


I may be a little late to the party, but this past year I’ve discovered podcasts. As well as getting to grips with well some known science and technology series, I’ve also been on the look out for engaging conservation and environment podcasts.

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Next Steps After Your First Explore Weekend


So you came to Explore at the Royal Geographical Society! Great Decision. Perhaps it’s the Sunday night, you’re on the train home and still buzzing from all the amazing connections, exciting stories and endless possibilities. You’re not alone!

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800px Ecnomiohyla Rabborum

Saying Goodbye to Toughie (the last suriving Rabbs fringe-limbed treefrog)


The last known observation of the frog in the wild was that of a single male heard calling (but not seen) in 2007.

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Jamesborrell Africa002

Why Volunteering With Animals Does Nothing For Conservation


Saving individual animals should always come second to saving species, which in turn comes second to protecting habitats.

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8 Reasons that Zoos are Critically Important for Conservation


A couple of weeks ago, there was an accident at Cincinnati zoo. A child fell into an enclosure with a gorilla named Harambe, and to protect the child the gorilla was shot.

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The 10 Best Questions I’ve Been Asked By Schoolkids


If you could bring one species back from extinction what would it be?

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What’s the Biggest Challenge in Conservation Today?


I’m an optimist, so I try to make sure when I give talks on conservation, that there is a healthy mix of depressing reality and hope for the future. Unsurprisingly audiences don’t really enjoy leaving thoroughly depressed.

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Came Across This Chap In A Yerevan Basement Today Wonder 9738235132 L

Why Conservation Is Awesome (A few of the best fieldwork fails)


All the best made plans rapidly unravel whenever you put scientists into the field, and here’s how.

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