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800px Ecnomiohyla Rabborum

Saying Goodbye to Toughie (the last suriving Rabbs fringe-limbed treefrog)


The last known observation of the frog in the wild was that of a single male heard calling (but not seen) in 2007.

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Why Volunteering With Animals Does Nothing For Conservation


Saving individual animals should always come second to saving species, which in turn comes second to protecting habitats.

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8 Reasons that Zoos are Critically Important for Conservation


A couple of weeks ago, there was an accident at Cincinnati zoo. A child fell into an enclosure with a gorilla named Harambe, and to protect the child the gorilla was shot.

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The 10 Best Questions I’ve Been Asked By Schoolkids


If you could bring one species back from extinction what would it be?

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What’s the Biggest Challenge in Conservation Today?


I’m an optimist, so I try to make sure when I give talks on conservation, that there is a healthy mix of depressing reality and hope for the future. Unsurprisingly audiences don’t really enjoy leaving thoroughly depressed.

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Came Across This Chap In A Yerevan Basement Today Wonder 9738235132 L

Why Conservation Is Awesome (A few of the best fieldwork fails)


All the best made plans rapidly unravel whenever you put scientists into the field, and here’s how.

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