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The Landrover: A Vehicle That Did More For Conservation Than Any Other


On the day that the final Landrover Defender rolls off the production line, I wanted to share some of my fondest memories of a vehicle that changed the world.

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Yet Another Example Of How Adventure And Citizen Science Are Compatible


Phew, when stepping out into the cold London night, it’s events like this that serve to remind you to keep trying to do, whatever it is you want to do.

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Proof that natural history can ‘be a bit dry’…?


A Natural History show with Bear Grylls will be about Bear Grylls, not about Natural History

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Three Species We Could Rewild Right Now (and barely cause a fuss)


Now of course, debate is good and essential, but lots of talking means not very much rewilding.

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How To Choose Which Conservation Charity To Support (with your hard earned cash)


If you want to support conservation, I think that there’s two main ways to do it.

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TEDx: Is There Hope For Conservation?


I’m really thrilled that the video for my TEDx talk is now online!

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Lionfish and the Harsh Reality of Conservation


Continuing with my theme of showing exactly what is sometimes involved in conservation – in an effort to achieve the best outcome for ecosystems and biodiversity – I had to share this video.

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To restore our natural world, conservation is the last thing we need


One interpretation of the term ‘conservation’, is to keep things the same as they are. This, I would argue, is precisely the last thing that we need to reach the lofty goal of a healthy and sustainable natural world.

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Invited to Speak at TEDxQMUL


TED is all about spreading ideas, and the simple message that I’d like to share is about optimism and hope in conservation.

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“I could no longer continue taking a pro-science position on global warming and an anti-science position on G.M.O.s”


I read a fantastic article this week in the New York Times that really got me thinking about this, and I wanted to share it.

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Have We Ceased To Empathise With Nature?


I generally have little time for the handy-wave empathetic or emotional side of conservation, full stop.

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Divestment: Finally An Environmental Campaign I Can Get Excited About


Conservation is full of campaigns, and campaigners. But which are worthwhile, and which should you support?

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