I have been fortunate over the past few years to have enjoyed a number of expeditions and adventures (although they haven't all been enjoyable all of the time!). Click on the images below to find out more, and then head over to the resources page to see how you too can get involved.

Current Projects:

Scottish Highlands

I’m currently undertaking a three-year research project for my PhD involving conservation of a rare tree species in the Scottish Highlands, together with local conservation partners…Read More

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Expedition Angano

Together with a team of international and Malagasy scientists, I am currently preparing a research expedition to Northern Madagascar. We are currently crowdfunding to increase support for Malagasy students.

Visit our expedition website, here.


Discover Conservation

Discover Conservation is social enterprise that aims to inspire optimism in conservation and support the next generation of conservation scientists through small fieldwork grants.

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Past Projects:

Brunei Fieldwork

I recently assisted on a tropical ecology and conservation fieldcourse based in Tasek Merimbun heritage park and Belalong field station in Ulu Temburong national park with students from Queen Mary University of London. Looking forward to heading back out to Borneo in 2015…Read More


Svalbard in spring is a marvelous chilly place with sea ice, sheer cliffs and looming glaciers. The opportunity to spend a few weeks up in the far North really made me appreciate the value of our Arctic ecosystem…Read More

Georgia and Armenia

Keen to continue heading East after traveling overland from London to Istanbul, the end of the UK fieldwork season gave me just enough time to explore the Caucasus…Read More

Finnish Lapland

In the summer of 2013 I spent two weeks based at Kevo Subarctic Research Station high above the Arctic circle in Lapland…Read More


The Empty Quarter Expedition

In early 2012 I led the scientific fieldwork on a two month expedition to the Empty Quarter and Dhofar Mountains of Southern Oman. Here our team worked in collaboration with Omani rangers, scientists and students to survey…Read More

UmPhafa, South Africa

In late 2011 I spent two months living and working at UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve, nestled on the edge of the Drakensberg Mountains in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa…Read More

Pacaya-Samiria, Peru

In a small corner of the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve in North-Eastern Peru, I spent the summer working with local scientists to increase our understanding and help manage the forest. I and the other members of our team were welcomed with unparalleled kindness. Men who had once stalked these forests as poachers, now worked as field guides…Read More


This one was an accident. Having never sailed before, I had no intention of sailing an Ocean. That was until chance made it possible, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. In retrospect, the toughest experiences and low points become fondest memories…Read More

Haardangervidda, Norway

Bitten by the bug of expeditions, in 2008 I spent my summer in Norway developing expedition leadership skills whilst traipsing across the Haardangervidda Plateau. A retrospective highlight was receiving my A level results by Sat-Phone…Read More


My first taste of expedition life was 5 weeks spent immersed in the Malagasy rainforest at the age of 17. Overwhelmed by the people, wildlife and not so black and white issues of the worlds 4th poorest country, I was inspired to study biology with the innocently naive ambition of helping…Read More

London to Istanbul

An overland journey entirely by public transport from London to Istanbul, exploring Europe’s forgotten wild places along the way…Read More

Captain Scott Centenary

Over the past year, I’ve been hugely fortunate to be involved with the Captain Scott Centenary celebrations. I owe my introduction to expeditions to the actions of the Terra Nova expedition one hundred years ago…Read More

Year of Citizen Science

2013 was my Year of Citizen Science – A whole year championing outstanding conservation projects powered by an army of volunteers…Read More

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Botswana Overland

In 2014/15 I travelled with Jessica Plumb by Landrover over 5000 miles across Botswana. Passing through Sowa pan, the Okavango, Chobe and the Kgalahadi Transfrontier region…Read More